Operating Raw Data and statistics exchange

OpRa is an CEN initiative with main focus on the identification of Public Transport raw data to be exchanged, gathered and stored in order to support Study and Control of Pubic Transpoprt Service.

The work consists in the production of a CEN Technical Report, to document the results of the performed analysis, in order to precisely define the scope of the following Technical Specification (TS) or European Norm (EN) definition work.

Particular attention on raw data identification is focused on actual and measured information, i.e. information which cannot be changed anymore in the future.

This information is mainly an output of the Transmodel (TRM) domains

  • Part4: “Operations monitoring  & control”;
  • Part 8: “Management Information and statistics“ focused on raw data for indicators calculation.

It will describes the recorded reality of operation, like  delays and cancelled vehicle journeys, etc. either through individual measurements at a given sampling interval or in an aggregate ways (statistics).

OpRa work scope is coherent with those covered by NeTEx, SIRI and Trasnmodel as depicted in the following picture:

In this perspective, a deep study of Public Transport Service is performed with Information exchanges with stakeholders (mainly authorities, operators and system providers) to clearly identify the needs and define Use Cases.