TITAN is the name of a European Project of which the aim was to implement Transmodel V5 (EN12896) in 3 pilot sites (Lyons, Hannover, Salzburg). The main goal of the TITAN project in Lyon was to replace an obsolete, complex system, composed of many applications, files, data bases, distributed over 12 sites linked by a range of company interfaces very difficult to maintain. The main reasons to re-engineer the existing system were:
  • A constant growth of the volume of information to process and of users;
  • New requirements,  in particular the introduction of new functionalities (su-systems);
  • The necessity to renew the hardware platform
  • The need to guarantee easy system evolution
  • The wish of independence of software suppliers
  • The need to facilitate access to information
  • The necessity to guarantee coherence of information and suppress multiple inputs, facilitating information exchange between sites and sub-systems.
The Lyon pilot site adopted Transmodel V4.1, validating it, suggesting extensions and expressing  recommendations. TITAN in Lyons became a full scale implementation, has been largely extended and is today still in operation.

Target users

TITAN is fully dedicated to the Lyons Public Transport Operator

Implementation scope

In SLTC – Public transport operator of Greater Lyon Area (France)


TITAN in Lyons implemented the following parts of Transmodel:

  • Network topology
  • Vehicle and Driver Schedules
  • Timetables
  • Personnel Disposition
  • Passenger Information
  • and a Data Warehouse.