Utilizing Transmodel in Hungary on national level was introduced to the community when passenger information developments began in partially EU-funded projects in regional and long-distance bus transport. Currently, 3 (of total 7) state-owned bus operators have existing Transmodel and SIRI-based solutions in their whole area of activity, 2 operators utilize Transmodel without SIRI, and 2 operators use Transmodel and SIRI partially.

Most regional operators have additional responsibility to provide local transport in particular cities, in which Transmodel and SIRI is also present. Most cities that provide local transport through municipality-owned operators also introduced Transmodel and SIRI, and are able to exchange data with regional and long-distance bus operators.

The capital, Budapest, also started utilizing Transmodel, data exchange with regional and railway operators is in development phase. Partially state-owned railway operator GySEV has already introduced Transmodel and SIRI, fully state-owned railway operator MÁV (Hungarian State Railways) has conducted pilot project together with bus and water transport operators to gain experience on working in multimodal and multi-operator environment.

Transportation government is looking to make the use of Transmodel and related standards mandatory in the future through public service contracts, and national electronic ticketing is planned to be based on these standards, as well.


Target users

  • Passenger Information
  • Public Transport Authorities and Operators
  • Institute of Transportation Science

Implementation scope

  • Implementations include network and timetable data, operation monitoring and control, driver management and passenger information through on-board, on-site and online (web & mobile) equipments.
  • Real-time data exchange utilizes SIRI standards.


  • Precise public transport stop dataset
  • Network and timetable exchange
  • Operation control
  • Real-time information about interchanges, vehicles and estimated passing times


Covers planning & operations for bus operators within ERP systems