EUROBUS/Transmodel : 1992 – 1994 (DGXIII)

Final result :
– European Data Model for Public Transport: Transmodel V.3 

Transmodel V.3 represents data structures for the domains :

  • scheduling
  • personnel disposition
  • automatic vehicle monitoring
  • passenger information (theoretical and real-time data)
  • fare collection
  • management information/statistics

and describes the interface with the Geographic Information Systems based on the GDF norm.
EuroBus results are based on :

  • the Cassiope project results
  • the German data model OPNV
  • the neeeds and expertise of numerous European operators:
    For instance : Le Havre, Toulon, Transport for London, Birmingham, Hampshire CC, Amsterdam, Eindhoven…
  • Industry partners’ expertise :
    For instance : CLI, Siemens- Häni, INIT…

Research and development continued within the Harpist task force.