Standards Context

Transport Standard Context

Transmodel has been developed under the aegis of CEN (Comité Européen de Normalisation)CEN Transmodel standard, a conceptual model which names and represents PT info concepts for a wide set of functional areas and can be used to compare and understand different models.

Transmodel project outputs have previously been used both to underpin a number of CEN concrete data standards such as CEN SIRI, CEN NeTEx  and to rationalise national standards to allow for harmonisation and interoperability.

The following picture maps the transmodel areas to the SIRI and NeTEx CEN standards.


CEN standardization body context

CEN  Europe’s standardisation body divides its work into committees covering different aspects of industry and technology, with a well-defined process and documentation formats.

Transmodel standard is formally produced by Technical Committee 278, Work Group 3, Sub Group 4 (SG4). Other TC278 WG3 sub groups handle the related standards:

  • SIRI-Service interface for Real-time Information (SG7),
  • Network Timetable Exchange (SG9).

Two other subgroups have also links to SG4, using Transmodel as the Reference Data Model

  • Distributed Journey Planning (SG8) and
  • Data Communication on Vehicles (SG1).


The following picture  illustrates the interactions between Transmodel (SG4) parts 1-8 and CEN TC278 WG3 subrgoups & ISO TC204 WG3 – SWG3.1 (subgroup for GDF – Geographic Data Files).